A Brief Introduction…


Just a bit of an introduction on why I chose to create this blog and more importantly what I hope to achieve.

I’ve been doing business in Israel for about 6 years now. 5 of those as an atzma’i (freelancer) and the last few months as a company. In another post, I will probably go into more detail on why I made the bureaucratic change, but my post is, that I have done it from a number of different angles.

Without tooting my own horn, I feel that I have learnt a huge amount over the last few years about conducting business in Israel and perhaps more so, from Israel.

I run a semi-successful business online reaching an international market. I do very little business anymore within Israel apart from consulting. Any additional business that I do to the Israeli market is more coincidence rather than intentional. What I mean by that, is that anyone in the world is welcome to purchase my products, and sometimes that happens to be Israelis.

Topics that I intend to cover in this blog are:

1. Processing payments as an Israeli (business) with a special focus on Paypal

2. Networking in Israel

3. Accounting and tax issues and how to overcome them (not an accountant, but spend a lot of money on them!)

4. International legal issues and whether they are relevant (not a lawyer, nor played one on TV…)

5. Recruiting partners and clients internationally

6. How to position yourself internationally

7. Doing business with Israelis

Very interested in your comments below on whether you think that you will find the above useful, if you have any specific questions and also if you have any other ideas for topics.

Keeping it real in an ‘Israeli’ world,

Ben S


  1. Sara Young says:

    This is great. Thanks for creating the blog.

    I’m particularly interested in accounting and tax issues…

    And to everybody reading this comment – don’t believe Ben when he says he is semi-successful. He really is very successful and his advice is worth taking!

  2. I’m very interested in seeing there this goes, Ben. Good luck, I’ll be following your comments.

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