Selling a used or second hand car in Israel

Bye Bye Car!

Bye Bye Car!

New baby coming soon PG.

Number 4 coming soon PG.

Therefore car upgrade necessary.

So, before a few weeks ago, I have never even bought a new car, nevermind sold one.

So, the likelihood of me writing a blog post giving advice on it would have been almost non-existent.

However, things change and a few weeks ago, we were briefly a 2 car family. Which was lots of fun. But also totally unnecessary due to the fact that neither of us have a ‘job’ and 99% of our journeys entail picking the kids up or dropping them off.

So, decided that we would try and sell our old car.

In summary, Toyota Corolla RunX, 2003 was bought new 10 years ago. Low mileage of 117,000KM. Quite a few dents and scratches but no major accidents or repairs.

Having no idea how to sell it, I put it on Facebook to my friends and had no response.

So, next call was to put it on, the second hand website which is extremely popular in Israel.

Almost from the moment I put it up, I started having lots of calls. At the beginning about 10 a day and then descending until Sunday when they would increase again.

I also printed out a notice from Yad2 which I taped to the back of my car.

A typical call would go something like this (licence taken to translate to English):

Me: Hello?

Them: I saw that you have a car for sale.

Me: Yes. What would you like to know?

Them: (Ask some questions when the details were actually on the site including the price)

Them: So how much do you want?

Me: 33,000nis

Them: What is mechiron?

(Actually thought this was an incredibly weird question. Either they have checked already. But if they hadn’t then surely they wouldn’t trust me?)

Me: 33-36,000nis

Them: How much would you take?

Me: 33,000nis

Them: Will you take 2x,000nis?

Me: Have you seen the car?

Them: No.

Me: So come and see the car and then we will talk.

Them: Does it have any scratches?

Me: Yes. Like every other car in Israel.

Them: So will you come down in price then?

Me: No. If it was a new car and it had scratches then I would. But it is NOT a new car.

And it went on in a similar vein.

After having the same conversation many many times, I realized that people were either looking for a bargain or in higher likelihood they were dealers.

As we had a new car already, we weren’t in a particular hurry to sell so I had the luxury to not be pressurized to take a low offer.

When people came round to see it, they obviously wanted a test drive. Do note, that you need to make sure that they are insured on your car. This will mean speaking with your insurance agent. In our particular case, we have insurance for all drivers over the age of 30 so it wasn’t such a problem.

It is very common for a buyer to want to take it to one of the test centers. IMHO, if a buyer doesn’t do this then they are off their rocker. However, on the other hand, the test centers are paid to find faults with even the best car so does make it hard for the seller.

If you are buying a car, then you should definitely be using this in order to bargain on price. This was one of the reasons why as a seller I didn’t even want to start bargaining until I knew that they were actually ready to buy.

Eventually I sold the car for 500nis less than I was advertising for due to the fact that her garage said that they would have to do 500nis of work.

The transfer is actually very easy although is slightly harder if you bought the car on Aliya rights as we did.

If you did also, then you have to have the car ‘released’ before you can sell it or the Post office won’t transfer the name on the car. This involves going to Meches (Givat Shaul in Jerusalem) with your teudat zehut and a copy of the license and the nice lady there does it in a few minutes. You can also do it by fax although possibly not advised if you want to be sure that it is done before transferring ownership. The fax number is:



With regards to transferring the car, you go to the post office with the buyer. The owner of the car must be present and also the new owner. The buyer has the option to run a check that all tickets have been paid and that there are no longer any debts on the car. And then they transfer it. The transfer fee is 214nis which we split.

In summary, the price that you get for the car will depend on how desperate you are to sell it. Every potential buyer will tell you what is wrong with the car and why it should be cheaper. They will also tell you that no-one pays mechiron. Well, they do… 🙂

Any questions, please feel free to ask below!

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