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Watching Netflix in Israel on your iPad


Edit: As of 2016, this information is mainly outdated as there is now officially Netflix in Israel, so there is no real need to use a VPN. However, you can still use a VPN if you would like to see Netflix from another country where there may be a different choice.

So, although this post is about watching Netflix on your iPad in Israel, it could actually be applied to (virtually) any country in the world.

The problem, is that Netflix is not currently available outside of US/Canada

The bigger problem, is that Netflix is actually REALLY good and for not much moolah, you have almost unlimited access to download TV and Films.

So, here is the general way to do it:

1. Signup with StrongVPN

2. Use your VPN settings to connect to Netflix on your iPad/computer.

3. Sign up to Netflix. You will need to use a credit card, but this can be any credit card. And also any US address

4. Create a new Apple ID with a US address (credit card not needed) and download the Netflix app

5. Using the VPN, you can now connect to Netflix

You’re probably thinking that it must be more complicated than that…and it kind of is. So I will go through the steps and try and show you as easy as possible exactly how to do it.

1. Click Here to sign up for Strong VPN. You should click on Packages from the top left and then just choose the cheapest. Any of the packages are good enough. I went for the LITE PPTP which is currently $7 a month.









a. You will probably have to wait a bit from them to accept your order, but even though it doesn’t look like it is going through. It actually is and they will approve it. You should do the phone verification also (by Skype)

b. Just to explain, VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. You are using it, because you want to appear as if you are from USA. In non-technical terms, you connect to one of Strong VPN’s servers and then they retrieve the webpage or the data which you want.


2. Set up your iPad VPN.

a. Click on settings






b. Click on general/network/VPN/Add VPN Configuration







c. Enter in the details that you have been given by StrongVPN. Both L2TP and PPTP have worked fine for me.











d. Click on save

e. Click on ON next to VPN which then should correct. If it is connected, then you will see VPN in the top left of your screen


3. Sign up to Netflix. You will need to be connected via your vpn else you will not appear that you are from USA






b. Enter a credit card number. Does not need to be a US credit card


4. Download the Netflix app (VPN not needed)

a. As the netflix service is only available in US, it means that you can only download it from the Apple store if you are a US member. As it happens, I do actually have a US credit card, but getting them to accept the US details was not working, so I found a free workaround.


b. Open up itunes on your computer and click on iTunes store




c. Go to the bottom right and click on the flag

d. Click on US flag





e. Click on App Store







f. Choose any free app and click on the word free









g. Click on Create New Account






h. Continue/Agree/Continue











i. Fill in details as necessary. Is advisable to use a real email address, but don’t use one you have used before for Apple.








j. Continue


k. IMPORTANT: Click on None

l. You will need to put in a genuine address. For example, the address of Google is:

Google Inc.
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043
Phone: +1 650-253-0000

m. Verify your email address


n. Logout of your apple id (settings/store/click on address)








o. Login with your new id















p. Go to the app store and download netflix app







Kaching…you should now be in business 🙂

Note, that if you ever get weird error messages, you can usually solve them by turning your iPad off and then on again.

Also note, that the app for the iPhone seems to crash the whole time.

Oh…and really importantly, you will only be able to use the app while you are connected through the VPN.